Make an Investment in Tomah Baptist Academy

Why Invest in TBA?

Educating the Christian leaders of tomorrow is a key objective of our school. Only a portion of the actual cost to educate each child is raised through tuition payments. Local fundraising activities and charitable donations are critical to Tomah Baptist Academy being able to continue our mission each year. We prefer unrestricted donations so we can designate the best place to direct all contributions. However, we also have students whose parents deeply want to provide their children Christian education, yet financially they simply cannot afford it. We have an established Scholarship & Tuition Assistance Fund where you can designate your contribution to go directly toward helping students achieve their Christian education.

Testimony from one of our students:
"TBA has done an excellent job providing me with a quality education. The teachers who strived to help me learn and the challenging curriculum were greatly instrumental in preparing me for college. Not only does TBA have great academics, there is also an emphasis on the Bible. The daily lessons from God’s Word were by far the most important and influential aspect of TBA."  ~Mr. Jacob Bauer (Graduate, Class of 2012)

If you have a particular purpose you woud like your donations to achieve for the school, please let us know. We are very open to new ideas in concert with our mission. Tomah Baptist Academy is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. All donations made to the school are tax deductible.

Please consider donating your financial blessings to Tomah Baptist Academy. Contact our administrator if you have any questions, would like to visit the school or to simply learn more about us. We offer several fundraiser opportunities and are also involved in community outreach opportunities that you can participate in as well.